Thursday, July 19, 2012

19Jul12 - Quality over quantity

First off, I have to start with some bad news.  I accidently poked a hole in my SSD yesterday and needed to try it out today.  I had Patricia drive me down about a mile down the road and I'd swim back then do some extra.  As soon as I put my gear into the bag and inflated it, it popped!  My heart wept!  I have no SSD with me for the rest of my ocean swims. :(
A pretty good storm is coming in tonight with 80% chance of severe thunder and lightning once the sun sets.  I went out around 1400 and it was low tide and VERY clear that a storm was coming.  It was extremely windy and choppy as hell.  The waves were crashing everywhere and clearing them would take me very far from shore.  So far that it was on the edge of my comfort zone.  I swam out anyway and headed north.  Current was pushing me at a decent pace and I could feel some good rolls going under me as I progressed.  Got to my turnaround point and headed back.  I knew the swim back would be a challenge.  I was right.  The waves were crashing against me and I was swimming against the wind and current.  There was a pretty good swell and the wind blowing so much made it "rain" on me every time I took air.  Jellyfish were light but something decided my left big toe looked edible and started to nibble on it.  So much that it caused me to wince and kick like mad to give it a "hint" to piss off!  Progress going back was very slow and I got too close to shore a few times and the waves toppled me.  I took some pretty good beatings by the waves but was having fun with it.
I had to work pretty hard but finally got back to where I started and headed in.  Got some Gatorade then went out for more.  This time I kept going against the current so I could coast back if I got too tired.  I thought I had gone out far enough but there was a break way out there that I swam into and the waves barrel rolled me when I didn't expect it.  Didn't scare me but it sure got my attention.  I decided to have some fun with it and swam parallel to where the waves were cresting so I could ride into them some then go up and down with them.  Although I couldn't make out exactly what, I knew I wasn't the only thing in the water at that spot enjoying the wave riding too! 
Swam for a bit more then headed back in.
When I got back in, people came up to me as they did the day before and told me how amazing what I was doing was.  People here are simply mystified that someone actually swims in the ocean!  I'm just thinking that I'm only swimming but they think I'm doing something super human.  lol  2 days ago I got stopped by several people walking back as they each took turns asking how far I swam, how amazing what I did was, and why I do it.  I'M ONLY SWIMMING...   :)  I guess it's just not a big deal for me.  I love it too much.
One thing that I don't quite get is why it's so foreign to see someone swimming like I do in the ocean.  I know this is a vacation area but come on folks, it IS the ocean and seeing someone swimming shouldn't be that mesmorizing.  Why aren't there MORE people like me here?  I've tried to contact someone....ANYONE to join me for swims or finding a paddler but have gotten zilch.
Oh well....going to enjoy the storm tonight and if it's too nasty tomorrow, I will have to go the the YMCA nearby to do my long swim.
I have NO idea what I really swam today but I am putting down 2 miles.  I'm sure I did more but I'd rather go under than over for mile counting.

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