Monday, July 16, 2012

16Jul12 - OCEAN!!!

Got to NC 2 days ago but when I landed on Saturday night, we were all extremely tired from a full day of travel and just wanted to go to sleep.  Yesterday was Sunday and we normally take Sundays off for religious reasons.  We slept in then we had a nice relaxing family day all day.  By the late afternoon, we decided to take a walk on the beach.  It was great being at the ocean again.  I got my gps app on my phone out to measure out about 1/2 mile then memorize the land scene.  I figure I'll just do some 1/2 mile out and backs for the next few days.
I got up this morning and headed to the beach.  I decided to just do one mile this morning to get my feel for the ocean and not do anything nuts for my first swim out here.  It was pretty calm and the water was warm.  I headed north and was getting a small push for half of it. When I got near where I was to turn around, I could feel the current change and I had to push it a bit to get to the turnaround point.  I got to the point and by the time I defogged my goggles and got my heading, I had already been pushed a house and a half backwards!  Swimming back the first half went by quick.  Then the 2nd half I had to put some effort again to get to the end.
In the end it was still a pretty easy and relaxed swim.  One mile in true OW.  Jellyfish were around but nothing too bad.  I need to do more tomorrow.

1 mile ocean

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