Monday, July 30, 2012


Got up at 0500 and was at Pineview by 0540.  I have a new SSD and it was it's inaugural swim.  Hopefully this one won't get popped by my idiocy!
Got in and started swimming.  My shoulders were NOT happy today.  They were tired and I felt legitimate pain for awhile.  I even stopped to rest for a few seconds a couple of times.  They finally stopped hurting when I got to the buoys but my swim back felt REALLY slow.  I just had zero energy or motivation today.  I tried to pick it up some but just went back to crawling pace.  I finished one lap and knew there was no way I was going to do another.  I want to do 2 laps a day but getting out was a smart move.  I looked at my phone and realized I swam for just about an hour.  WHAT?  I felt like I had been in there forever.  I actually wasn't swimming that slow after all.  This surprised me quite a bit considering I would have not been surprised if it said I had taken 2 hours for the lap.
I am just not adjusted from my travels I suppose.  I'm doing 2 laps tomorrow with Kim so if I get tired after 1 lap, she can help motivate me for the 2nd.
1.9 miles OW

btw, passed 300 miles today for my yearly total!!!

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