Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Kim picked me up at 0530 and we were in the water right at 0600.  The lake was really beautiful this morning.  I couldn't help but take a minute to just stand there and stare at how beautiful the nature was.  I'm pretty sure that if I make it to 90 years and I need to remember something to keep me calm, I'll remember that scene.  I just love Pineview when the sun is rising and the water is glass and begging to be swam in.
Started out a bit sore then I felt better after 1/2 mile.  I must have been feeling good because my first mile was 27:09!  That's really fast for me.  I felt good.  I actually had to wait for Kim at the buoys for a minute.  She is normally right behind me.  One the way back, I felt good still but I could feel my arms complaining some.  I had to breathe a bit more than I like to.  My lungs have definitely gotten a bit smaller since my time of recovery.  My energy was starting to shut down a little but I'm sure it's because I didn't take a drink at the buoy and just kept going.  Second mile was a bit slower.  I still got really far ahead of Kim.  She was drafting me for awhile and I was able to drop her even though she was drafting.  This was a first.  Maybe something has triggered in me since my swim and I'm stronger or a bit faster now.  I sure hope so but only time will tell.
I have a few days left until I'm in North Carolina and I'll be doing a few miles in the ocean daily.  I can't let myself slack at all while on vacation.  I have a 10 mile race really soon after I get home!

1.87 today

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