Friday, August 3, 2012


Great swim today.  I got up around 0600 and left for Pineview.  I was going to get a long swim in with Chad but something came up and he couldn't make it.  I got there and when I was getting ready, I ran into Annie Stanish.  It was good seeing her and I was excited to see her at Pineview and not in a pool.  I LOVE getting people out of the pool routine and into open water.  So different and I haven't had one person yet not completely love it.  I doubt she's different.  Proof is that she signed up for the 5k at Deer Creek next Saturday!  We agreed to meet up to swim on Tuesday. 
I wanted to do at least a marathon swim so I did the buoy route then a dam route.  On the 2nd dam route, I turned south and followed the red buoys until I got to shore.  I then headed west until I saw the white cigarette buoys then followed them back in.  Did another buoy route then checked my GPS.  I was JUST under 6.2 miles so I headed out for 100 strokes then came back.  6.27....DONE!
Felt crappy first 2 miles but then got better and felt better about my pulls and effort after that.  A bit tired when I got out but I knew if I had some food I could have kept going.  I'm good for the 10 mile.  Time to taper!

6.27 miles OW

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