Monday, June 4, 2012


Another valuable lesson learned today.
Got to the GSL marina at 1630 on the hopes of getting on TV.  A story was supposed to be done on the GSL swim and some video was going to be shot along with some interviews but it was a no show.  Thanks KSL!
A pretty good crowd turned out anyway.  I wanted to do 2 Gridley Straights today and the wind was really strong.  It was going to be a fun swim.
Josh helped out most of the other swimmers that only wanted to do a mile or so and Kim, Chad, his paddler Lang and I took off for Blackrock.  It was a great roller coaster ride getting there.  I stayed with Kim and helped her while she swam in the roughest water I'm sure she's ever been in.  I was loving it!!!  Towards the end of the first mile, my goggles started to leak.  It was annoying as anything.  When we got to Blackrock, I tried to adjust them but the bands broke.  Lang lent me a cord but that didn't work very well after a few yards.  It was a good thing he had a double kayak!!!  I had to get in as Kim and Chad went back.  It took us 44 minutes to get to Blackrock and only 19 getting back.  Oh yeah!
Lang after 1 mile.  We kept laughing that the salt will make him a Caucasian.

Free ride back!  Thanks Lang




I was really disappointed that I couldn't swim back.  It looked like great fun.  I was also REALLY bummed I only got one mile in today.  I guess I'm going to have to get up and be at the pool tomorrow at 0430 to get my swim in.

1.2 miles OW today

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