Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Short and easy workout today
500 WU then another 500 where I held :45 per 50
500 kick
500 swim
ladders by 50 up to 200 repeat back down

3000 total

My shoulders were sore for most of the swim. I'm sure it's from the cold I have that I'm almost over.  Just don't feel right still.  Doing much better daily and it should be gone in no more than 2 days.

It's getting to me more and more daily that my swim is close.  I got close to having a tiny panic attack on the drive home from the pool today.  I was just thinking that I only have 2-3 more swims left and then that's it.  The BIG one will be here.  My chest got a little tight and I could feel a panic coming.  I just told myself over and over to just calm the F down.  It worked......for now! 
I start my first packing today!  IS IT REALLY HERE???

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  1. Anxiety can be a tricky beast. That's the hard part about setting goals. There can be so much anticipation that it makes me a little crazy. You'll do great and what an awesome accomplishment it will be. I can't wait to hear all about it.