Saturday, June 23, 2012

23Jun12 - Packing

I've been laying stuff out around the house for me to pack the last 2 days.  I THINK I have all of what I need for my trip.  Today is packing day!  No more swims and now I just put everything I have into a suitcase and then continue my rest.  I am going through swings of when I'm okay and when I'm a nervous wreck on the verge of FREAKING OUT.  Patricia and my kids are gone for most of the day so I can relax and do nothing all day.  I need to get to sleep now since I was up until 0400 last night and got up at 0600.  I think I'll be good for not getting tired or wanting to be in bed at 0300 on Tues. 
Chad came yesterday by my place and dropped off a full container of channel grease.  Thanks Chad!  He's another person that it has been fun to swim with.  He's a great guy and would never hesitate to help someone in need.  I'd normally say that he'd give you the shirt off his back but since he wears NASCAR shirts 99% of the time, I'll pass.  :)
OK, bed and final packing....this time tomorrow I'll be on a plane flying west!