Friday, June 22, 2012

22Jun12 - LAST SWIM

Kim picked me up today again at 0500.  I'm reversing my sleep schedule so I was up all night.  I didn't think it was very wise for me to be the one driving.  We drove to Pineview for my last swim before Catalina.  We decided to do the buoy route today instead of the dam route.  It's only a mile but I just mainly wanted to be in colder water one more time.  The sun coming up over Pineview is absolutely gorgeous.  It annoys me that with how good picture technology has gotten, it doesn't come close to representing how beautiful that lake is when you get in it at 0530.

Seriously, who would take a pool over THIS?

Did one dam route then stopped by Einstein's Bagels on the way home.  Since Kim can't make it to my swim and she has been a MAJOR help in my training I treated her to breakfast.  I just wanted her to know how great it was of her to be with me in the pool for so many mornings at 0430 to train with me.  She kept me motivated and really helped push me on days when I was dragging ass some.  She was there to help train for the GSL 8 miler but was there to help me too.  When you get up at 0400 and go to the pool alone, it is nowhere near as motivating when you have to get up knowing someone will be there counting on you to be there!
Kim and me

I just want to publicly thank my Ogden training partner Kim for all she has done.  She has helped me train, kept me motivated, and even listened to me when I was having small freak outs over this swim.  She's never slow to laugh or smile and she's a good friend.  I'm lucky to know her.

1 mile OW

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