Saturday, June 2, 2012

2Jun12 - BAD swim

Met with Jim this morning at PineView a little after 0930.  He's typically a pool swimmer but has been branching out lately to do some open water swims and helping out teams for triathlons by doing the swim portion.  He was pretty excited about today's swim.  We got in and the water was 64 degrees.  Felt great.  Jim couldn't quite understand how I was so cozy and he was still a bit chilly despite wearing a full body wetsuit.  We did the dam route nice and easy.  I was feeling sluggish and tired for the whole first lap.  Jim couldn't stop smiling or talking about how fantastic it felt to swim in the open water compared to a pool.  You could really see it in his face that the excitement and yearning to do more OW swims was there.  I told him that I knew I could convert him!
When we got back, I needed another lap to get to 20 miles for the week.  I'm picky about getting my distance but my feeling bad got MUCH worse.  On the way back to the dam I threw up twice.  Once I was at the dam I started to feel a tiny bit better but once I was almost near the end, my stomach cramped up really bad and I had to take care of something I've never had to take care of while swimming.  It was a new experience to say the least.  I finished the swim and was glad to be done.  My stomach was killing me but I had hit my weekly quota.
3.75 miles OW today.

Now for some Pepto and a good nap!


  1. Damn Goody! I thought you had something against Bountiful Lake for that same reason. :)

    Glad you got somebody else in the water. The more, the better. Hope you get feeling better soon.

  2. Well my contribution added .000000000000000001 percent of what was in there. At bountiful, it's already at 20% so I don't feel bad. Plus it's good practice just in case it happens during never know!

  3. Question for you, since you are the Pineview guru. How long is the swim out to the final buoy and back? Someone told me it was about 0.9 mile, but I wanted to check with you. Also, how much is it when you go out to the last buoy, then down to the damn and back to your original starting point?

  4. It is good that you get that throw-up-and-move-on training done. I have read stories of swimmers who barf at every feed. I remember Forrest telling me it is better that you learn how to respond to that in training that to suffer and end it on your big swim! Go Goody!!!