Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Met with Gords, Josh, and Kate Greene.  She won an essay contest of a perfect swim and she was traveling west across America to swim in different bodies of water.  Well WELCOME TO THE GREAT SALT LAKE.  I guarantee you'll never swim in anything more unique anywhere in America!
We all headed out and I needed to keep it casual.  I'm tapering so I'm swimming very little and when I do swim, my effort is a joke. 
We headed out of the marina and after we stopped at the first red buoy, Kate was already not doing so good.  It was obvious the salt content was more than she imagined and she had taken some in.  Swimming in the GSL does take some adjustment but once you are accustomed, it's fantastic.
We swam out to the 2nd red buoy and then she said she was good.  She was swallowing too much and it was making her not feel so good.  We've all been there Kate!  We headed back in and just chatted for a bit.  Short swim and although I don't know exactly, I marked myself for 1/3 mile today.
I'll do a real swim tomorrow.

On a surprise note, my dad called me today and asked if his spot was still open.  I'll be honest and admit that I was a bit shocked at this.  He wanted to go a few months ago but something came up.  That something apparently got cancelled so he figured he might as well come along.  :)  I had to call and ask Lynn if adding one more was okay since I've already turned in my final crew count to her.  She said it was okay and I called him back with logistics details.  He did have to understand that he doesn't have a job to do on the boat and he is not allowed to show or voice "concern" for my well being at any time.  Parents fussing over their kids while they do something like this is never helpful.   So my dad is coming now.  It will be good to see him and good he can be part of such a great event in my life.

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