Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Got up at 0500 this morning and drove the the GSL Marina.  Met Gords and Josh there at 0630.  We did a nice swim from the marina to Blackrock.  The current was against us a bit and the wind made the water a bit choppy but it wasn't too bad.  I was able to maintain a pretty straight line to the halfway point.  Once we hit Blackrock and we started to head back, the wind picked up quite a bit and so did the current.  I found myself being slowly pushed into the shore area.  I kept trying to make small turns to adjust for this but it was of no use.  I had to give in and make a complete turn to my left and swim to the NW all the while the water was pushing me to the NE.  It was funny facing one way swimming while I could feel myself getting pushed another direction.  Twice the wind blew so hard right when I was cresting a small wave that my SSD flew into the back of my head.  This made me laugh quite a bit as I was trying to get past where the marina comes out.  I finally made it past the outlet and saw Josh and Gords waiting for me.  They had decided to swim farther out before cutting in from the start....something I should have done!  Time was short and Josh and I headed in while Gords did a bit more.  It was really good to see my swim friends again and to get a swim in with people who share my love of the open water.
2.3 miles.

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