Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I'M BACK!!!  After taking some time off and being REALLY sick, I hit the lake today.  I would have been there yesterday but my wife got stuck in NYC for another 24 hours.  I was meeting my friend Alicia and she was bringing a lifeguard I used to work with at the Weber State pool.  I got there early and did a mile on my own.  I purposely took my time and swam slow.  I knew that my lungs were not going to be excited about the swim even though my insides were VERY happy!  It felt SO good to be swimming again in the open water.  I swam some, rested 20 seconds, swam some, rested 20, repeat.  To give you an idea of how slow I was taking it, the first mile took me 40 minutes!  HAHAHA
I got done with the first mile and Alicia was not there yet.  I decided to swim some more after talking to some guys fishing near the shore.  I turned around at about halfway and swam back to meet them when I saw they arrived. 
Alicia was now there with Natalie and her husband Brian.  Natalie and Brian are training for a triathlon so getting some open water swims in is a great idea.  Natalie swims well and has a good open water stroke technique.  Her husband just learned to swim last year so he was getting there but a bit slower than the rest of us.  We decided to do one mile and stop at every buoy so everyone stays together.  Well not only did we stop at every buoy to let everyone group up, we also chatted for a few minutes too!  It was nice and relaxed.
Glad I went and my total swim was 2.37 miles.  Don't care about my time considering how many stops I made.  This swim was for the purpose of me getting back out there from being gone for "so long".

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