Thursday, June 16, 2011


Decided to try a short lake swim today.  I've had a terrible cold the past few days and spent pretty much all of Sunday and Monday in bed.  Tuesday I was mobile but cancelled work.  Wednesday I was a bit better but had a nasty cough.
I decided that despite how I feel today, I have to do SOMETHING.  A woman I work with and have trained with before for the past few years joined me this morning.  It was her first open water swim in a long time and she said she didn't want to do anything fast or serious...fine by me today!
We met at my house at 0600 and were at Pineview lake by 0630 ready to get in.  The air was cold and the water was FREEZING.  I think more mountain run-off has cooled the lake plus it was early.  As unhappy as I was, I needed to get in because I have to be able to swim in 57 degree water for 3.5 miles soon.  Gotta toughen up somehow!  Kim was NOT happy with the water temp and had a difficult time getting in.  It took a bit of coaxing but once she got moving constantly, she no longer was frozen or had difficulty breathing.  I even handed over my SSD for added safety and peace of mind for her.
We just did one boat wake marker line to the opposite shore then back.  It was exactly 1.04 miles.  I have a new app on my phone that has GPS and measures swims, times, pace, etc.  It's really cool.  We swam at a nice easy steady pace for the whole swim.  I couldn't push it too much because my lungs are at limited capacity.  I also could not bilateral breathe either, which I was not happy about.  My lungs forced me to get air every 2 strokes...ugghhh.
Happy I went out and got at least something in today.  It was nice having Kim there and she even admitted that once she got swimming, the water felt real nice. (TOLD YA!)  :)

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