Friday, June 10, 2011


Fantastic day today.  I drove down the the GSL Marina around 1315.  I immediately met Rob and Gords prepping for the day.  Rob is a character and he and I get along great!  After chatting for awhile, Rob and I decided to go for a short swim.  He was really having a good time just floating around.  We swam out of the marina and to a marker.  We then sat....yes, SAT on the water and chatted for a few minutes.  The current was moving pretty nice and we noticed that we were 100 meters away from where we stopped quickly.  The current and wind were both in the direction of our swim tomorrow!  If it is the same, then there will be some fast times for the 8 miler.
After about 20 minutes of playing around, we headed back in.  We both headed to Subway for food and when we got back, more swimmers had arrived.  They came in pretty steady at that point and it was nice to meet almost everyone face to face.  Everyone was very nice and all are eager for tomorrow.
While we were driving back, Rob and I were talking about how great the open water community is.  It just seems like everyone is willing to help or share whatever they have with other OW swimmers.  I had barely mentioned that I'd like to do the Catalina Crossing when Rob volunteered to help me any way he can.  This inclued all contacts for previous people he knew had done it, a kayaker for me to use that he likes, and even for him to be a support swimmer for me.
Another example is when we got back from lunch.  I met Suzie Dods and Sylvia Marino.  They both live in San Francisco and I told them I'm planning on coming out in July for the swim around Alcatraz.  Without missing a beat, Suzie asked if she could paddle for me.  She said she knows those waters well and would be an excellent guide if I had her paddle for me.  THIS is what I'm talking about.  The OW community I personally think is one of the most unique and greatest sporting communities in America.  I've never met someone that GENUINELY swims and trains in the open water that isn't willing to help or share with you anything they can.  This goes for advice, help, contacts, paddling, food, etc.
I can't describe how excited I am about tomorrows swim.  No matter what my place is, I know I'm going to come out of the water smiling.  I'm glad I'm doing this and I'm glad I am getting the chance to make more friends that share the same love of the water as I do.
Most of all, I am excited that I'm able to swim in support of ALS awareness.  I always keep that in mind when I'm swimming, I'm doing this for a REASON!!

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