Friday, April 8, 2011


7050 straight today.  That = exactly 4 miles!  Took me about 700 to warm up then I found a good comfortable stride.  Never really felt bad at any point.  I knew I was getting tired but still kept good pace throughout.  I did throw some breast in there once in awhile for 50 just to mix it up some.
Stopped every 2k for food and drink as usual.  Found 2 new food items I can eat that help sustain energy.
140 laps in the pool can get pretty boring....I'm very much looking forward to warmer lakes so I can do some real swims.

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  1. What food and drink are you using? I generally use watered down Gatorade and energy gels but sometimes the gels upset my stomach. My friend started a new energy company with Chia based products that I have had good success with.