Wednesday, April 13, 2011


ladders today by 50 up to 600 then back down. 
That is 7800....well I couldn't stop there could I??
Added another 200 for 8000 total.
HEAR THAT GORDS??  Distance wise, I'm coming for YOU!  LOL
2 more weeks and I'll be at 10k swims!
My arms felt like tar the last 1000 though  :(

btw, I just did the math and I'm now at 106,000 yards so far for this year in training.  WOOOOT!!!


  1. Nice job Goody! By the way, you need to post this stuff on USMS' Go The Distance. You can earn stuff for setting a goal and working your way to it. Check out this page

    You can back post your workouts if you have kept a log of them, which you certainly have. See you tomorrow at BL.

    Nice job! Keep it up. You're putting in some serious training for the 8 mile in June and I expect you should do quite well for yourself!

  2. I told you that I would take this swim seriously. I don't want to go out there and not finish or look like an ass somehow. I'm just REALLY looking forward to when we can do Pineview for miles at a time. You'll see for sure that:
    1) I'm slow :)
    2) I'm not just typing my workouts down. I'm actually doing them and am capable of swimming more than a couple hundred yards at a time which is all you've seen of me so far!