Thursday, April 14, 2011


My shoulders were NOT happy with me this morning.  If they could talk they would have said things to me they would have to repent for later!
I did get to try my new toy.  I got the electronic finger counter because I'm tired of using my water bottles and keeping track in my head.  I'd rather think about my stroke, sing songs, or day-dream about butterflies.....or ZOMBIES!
Anyhow  500 for warmup
Taking the idea from Gords, I mixed in some back. 
500 back mixing in breast randomly.
500 swim
150 CD
1650 total.  HA.  What a joke for distance but I got to pool late and didn't want to push it too much and cause injury from overworking muscles.  When I got out I felt like I had not done anything at all.  I remember when I used to think swimming a mile was "long distance".  Now it's literally laughable to me.  I like that.


  1. Hey, don't get down on yourself for doing a mile. It's WAY better than skipping it altogether. You never mentioned what you thought of the counter. Did it work OK? What's your review?

  2. I got the sportcount Counter Model 90040 (silver). The most basic one that only counts laps and nothing else. Others can do split times etc but I just wanted lap #'s. I wear it on my wedding ring finger so I don't notice it much. I have it facing my palm so I can see the # easy during a turn by only turning my wrist inward slightly and my thumb can reach the button without trying. It's comfortable and nice to not think about "What lap am I on???"
    Works great. 4 stars