Tuesday, April 5, 2011


500 for warmup
5x 100 (25 drill 25 swim 25 drill 25 swim)
10 x 200 - breast or back on 3rd 50 for 50
9 x 100 Odd = kick 25, swim 50, kick 25
             Even = Swim but breathe every 4 or 5 strokes
2 x 50 slow CD

4000 Total
Shoulders were not really into it today.  I kept going but motivation and body was not there.  Too much on my mind I suppose. 
Looking forward to the lake this afternoon.  Hopefully my shoulders will have decided to get with the program by then....AND....hopefully the lake is above 55 degrees.

My hoping was fruitless.  The water temp was 48-49 and the wind was blowing pretty good with very cold wind chill.  I was NOT looking forward to getting in the lake this afternoon.  When I got to the dock and was getting ready, the ONLY reason that I decided to get in was because it was my idea to change the lake swim to Tuesday and that would seem real idiotic of me to do that and not go through with it!
Once I got in, I felt the same pain and shock that I did the first time.  I suffered through it and started to breaststroke but every time I went to breathe, water splashed into my face from the choppy water.  I even inhaled some droplets into my lungs a couple of times.  THAT was fun.
I changed to the side stroke as I watched Josh and his brother pass by me.  I was about halfway done when I spotted Gords swimming by with at least 90% speed to get himself the hell out of the lake.  :)
When I was done, I got no adrenaline rush, no sense of "accomplishment" and no other feeling besides being freezing cold and miserable.  I'm sure my face showed it.  I swim to have fun and enjoy myself.  I found no joy in the swim this afternoon.  For some reason, it hurt more than previous swims.  Others seemed to agree.

If the lake is that cold and miserable again, I can't say for sure if I'll be going back in until it is warmer and I can actually swim.  These 200 yards of breaststroke while hurting and hating life at the moment isn't worth it anymore for now.  I need a REAL open water swim.......There!, Bitching session over.  :P


  1. Strange how some days shoulders are fine and some days not. It's like they have a voice of their own. Here's to hoping for another 55+ BL swim this afternoon! See you there.

  2. Yeah, I'm ready for warmer water too. I was close to backing out yesterday, but after you jumped in I knew I had to do it. Thanks for being the first one in!

  3. I had the feeling that if I bailed, you would have also, then your brother would have followed. He didn't look too thrilled to be there. Gords would have come out and we would all be standing there clapping for him dressed warmly. LOL