Wednesday, August 9, 2017


Met with Lisa at 0600 at JN.  She needed to learn how to kayak for me.  Every swimmer likes their kayaker to do certain things and be in certain places.  We just headed to the dam and worked on signals, feeds, and pacing.
It was a great success.  Going out was pretty good but coming back our distance to each other, communication, and pacing was fantastic.  Lisa is going to be great coming Saturday.
Having a kayaker is so nice.  I never had to look up, worry where I was going, looking out for boats, etc.  Lisa was in charge of all of that.  I just focused on my strokes and keeping my body in good position.  The 3 miles seemed to go by quickly.  I am looking forward to the 10 mile event Saturday.
This coming Saturday I am doing a 3-10-3 event for my final test for the UTC24.  Completing this will be a huge mental boost for me.

3 miles OW

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