Friday, August 4, 2017


I had a ROUGH day yesterday in my personal life.  My wife and kids are in southern Utah for their annual girls trip to see plays, go shopping, etc.  I was enjoying the bachelor life until a bunch of garbage fell into my lap that ruined my day a bit.  It then spilled into the night and I did not sleep well.  I kept waking up every 20 minutes the whole night.
Despite all this, today is a new day so no excuses to not get to the lake.
I met Lisa and we did our 4 mile loop to the dam, then east, then north, the west along buoy line to end then back.  We swam wider than usual and we were already over 4 when we hit the green buoy the first time.  Someone hit and killed a skunk somewhere nearby because the entire swim back from the easternmost buoy to the green buoy smelled horrible.  Lisa wanted to do a bit more so we kept going west.  The smell wasn't as bad that direction.  We hit the turn around and headed back to green then in.
Lisa had work to get to but I was not done.  I have commented before how sometimes I will do a swim and feel so good at the end I wish I would have brought more feeds.  Well today I did!
I took another feed with me and as Lisa went to her car, I headed back out for more.
I headed west to avoid the skunk smell and finished my drink at the end buoy.  I then headed east until 3 buoys past the red then turned back for green then in.
That put me at 6 miles.  I was a bit sore and tired when I finished.  I know it was because of the lack of sleep.
The nice thing is that since I am alone at home, I went straight back to bed and did not wake up until past 1300!   I guess I needed it.  I still feel a bit lethargic.  I hope I'm not getting sick.  There is a possibility of meeting Lisa tomorrow for a short and easy 3 mile-ish swim.

6 miles OW

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