Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Met Anne at the pool today at 0515.  She was already in the water and I was only there to do a short swim.  She is registered for the GSL 8 mile race this year and excited that this is her first true marathon race so I am going to help her train.  I also will not be ready to swim by the race date so I'm going to be her paddler too.
We chatted a bit about training, feeds, trusting me, etc.  I then started to swim.  I was already tired when I got to the pool and low on energy.  This made it worse.  I could only do a 50 at a time with lots of rest in between.  This last round of chemo REALLY took it out of me and I'm still feeling myself recover.
5 x 50 the 2nd one was kicking and the last one was breast.

250 yards

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  1. Just down run her over with you kayak like I did to you :)

    Glad to hear you are getting some swimming in.