Monday, March 25, 2013


Met Kim at the pool at 0500.  My goal today was to do several 100's with 30 seconds rest.  I got 5 in then did a 500 kicking set by the 50's.  I was now at 1000 which has been my longest swim all year.  I had time and felt okay so I did another 300 REAL slow followed by a 150 then another 50.
1500 total today.  

I can feel myself getting a little better on going "longer" distances with sets but I still can't add any speed or touch sets to my workout yet.  Today I did the 300 and felt okay as long as I was going at an easier pace.  Any time I tried to pick it up some, my heart would immediately skyrocket up.  Still not quite there yet but I'm really happy that I got 1500 in.  Maybe I'll focus on just doing really slow but longer sets and completely forget about doing any kind of speed work for awhile.

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