Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Was at the pool at 0520.  Met Annie there and she was already in the pool.  I've spent the last couple of days working on a weekly workout schedule for her to help her get ready for the GSL 8 miler.  She's excited to be doing her first true marathon swim and I'm excited to be helping her achieve this goal.  I'll also be her paddler which honestly makes me a bit sad to not be able to swim the event this year but I won't have recovered from more cancer surgery by that time.  I should be well enough to sit and paddle though....hopefully!
I'm still a little bit bitter about something that happened awhile ago.  I won't use names but there is another person that swims at the OAC on a somewhat regular basis.  Several months ago he made some negative remarks about the WFPBC and people that try to earn a cap.  If it's not your thing then fine.  Just don't sit there and trash it and our club or the people that like doing cold water swims or like being part of our group. I doubt it would ever happen but I would have some serious objections of this individual ever tried to join our SLOW club.  I just don't think we need any back biting jerks in our group.
Energy is slowly coming back.  The last round of chemo and recovery was extremely brutal and it took a LOT out of me.  It was a huge celebration to just be able to walk after a week from how I felt.  I didn't feel like pushing it today.
I did 6 x 50 with lots of rest.
1 x 100 which I finished pretty well but could feel my arms starting to die toward the end.
2 more 50's nice and easy.
500 yards total.

Still feels really good to be in the water and swimming.  I'm looking forward to building up some more endurance and lung capacity before my surgery and I'm out of the water for 2 months.

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