Friday, March 22, 2013


Met Gords at the GSL marina at 1630.  Dr's appointment today didn't bring any solid answers and my mind has been going 100 MPH non stop since I left his office.  Some major decisions were supposed to be made but instead I have to wait another week for an answer.
I wanted something to give me a break and swimming always seems to do the trick.  Today was no exception.
We chatted a bit then got in.  Gords wanted to do 3 laps and my goal was just to do one.  I was happy with my tiny swim Tuesday but my body felt fine so I figured I would at least swim to halfway and see how I felt then hopefully do a full lap.
Gords took off and I soon waded in.  I adjusted quicker than I expected and did some real slow heads up breast and mixed in some dog paddle.  I was moving at snail speed but my body was moving a lot to be going so slow.  Didn't care!
At halfway I looked back and didn't want to go in yet.  My hands were a bit chilly but the rest of me felt fine.  I went to the end and Gords was at his 1 and 1/2 lap mark.  He stopped for a second and I just was starting out at the open lake.  "Isn't she beautiful"?  The GSL really is a magnificent body of water and I love swimming in it whenever I can.  I was just so happy to be out there again.  I would move my arms and legs real fast and then back down when I felt my heart rate getting too high.  I repeated this all the way back.
Slowly made my way back to the boat ramp.  When I got out, I felt fine.  I was a bit chilly from the wind but I wasn't cold from the water.
Glad I went today and glad I did one lap.  This is real progress for me.
Thanks Gords for letting me "talk you into" coming out.  It's great to share cold water with friends.

400 yards OW today at 53 degrees

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