Wednesday, March 27, 2013

26Mar13 - Modeling day!

Met Gords, Josh, and Sue at the GSL today at 1630.  I also met a lady from the U of U press who wanted to take some pictures of me.  (Her name is slipping my mind for some reason.)  We all went down to the boat ramp and she started snapping away at pictures.  She wanted me to stand at the waters edge while everyone else got in.  As my friends were swimming away, she had me do several "poses" and took what felt like 1000 pictures of me.  I don't consider myself to be photogenic or even remotely attractive so standing there getting my picture taken over and over was a bit "unusual" for my comfort zone.  I did what she asked then was given the green light to go in.  As I was getting in, Sue was getting out.  I did a silly pose for Sue and she got a pic of it.

Soak it in ladies!

Met up with Josh and he decided to do another lap to hang out with me.  Gords was on lap three and the three of us met up at the end of the marina to chat a second and take another pic.
Josh, me, and Gords

When I got back, the photographer wanted to take some pics of me in the water.  Once again, I had to pose but this time while floating.  "Move your arms here, tilt your head this way, come closer, back up, smile more, stop mooning me", stuff like that over and over.
I got out and we chatted a bit as Gords took off.  I was chilly and had an appointment to keep so I headed to the marina shower.  Josh was there when I arrived and we chatted a bit about how nice it was to be back in the cold water together again.
Josh hurriedly left after I kept asking him to help wash me.  :)  When I got out, Gentry from the U of U press was there.  He was supposed to be there when we did our swim but was running late.  It was just by coincidence we met the bathroom of all places!
We chatted some more and he wanted to take even more pictures of me....HOORAY!  He's taking my story as far as it will go apparently.  He wants to do a professional interview and some more video of me.  He was talking about submitting my story when it's been professionally edited to ESPN and other major papers and magazines.  He said that my story is something people are really interested in and I don't realize how much people are interested in my story.  I guess not.  I've never considered myself a big deal about anything.  We'll just see I guess.  I just am happy to help the U of U with anything to bring attention the the great help they've been given me.

400 yards OW

Here are the final pics from the shoot.

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