Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Went to the GSL today after work.  I met up with Gords, Sue, and Chad.  I got there early and spend several minutes just staring out at the water.  I almost teared up.  I was back at the lake I love.  I spent so much time thinking about the Great Salt Lake when I was going through chemo and all the swims I've done there and the countless more to come.  Being back today just made me realize how much I had missed her.
I took a temp reading and it was 53.  This time last year when the water broke 50, several of us went for a few miles because it was "warm" for us.  Well we have all slacked this winter and so all our cold endurance was gone.  53 was freezing to us!  How sad!!!  I got in first with Sue and we both made more noise than we should have.  Gords just looked nervous.
He got in and just took off like he normally does.  Chad, Sue, and I just stood there laughing at each other and ourselves for how soft we had become to the cold.
Sue took off after Gordon came in and started his 2nd lap.  I waited a bit and I finally took off.  I didn't have my goggles with me so I just did heads up breast to the end of the dock then back.  I didn't want to do anything risky.  Getting in then getting out there was enough.  No need to be stupid right now.  Chad finally got in after I came back and was floating on my back mocking him.
Me and Chad relaxing after our "swim"

I spent about 15 minutes total in the water.  11 of it whining and 4 of it actually IN the water!
I had more fun than can be described.  I was telling my wife how much fun it is to just be out there with my swim friends sharing the love we have for swimming with each other.  I truly missed it.

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