Thursday, June 8, 2017

8Jun17 - Making swimming a religious experince

Apparently my church leader Tyler Toone enjoys swimming and asked to join me the next time I head out to the Salt Lake.  I picked him up and we met Lisa Gentile at the marina around 0545.  The water is 68 and felt great.  We got ready and headed in.  I was half expecting a complaint about the water being below 70 but he did great.  Lisa took off and I stayed with him.  We left the marina and hit the first buoy.  Things quickly fell apart from there.  The salt really got to him and he could not, for the life of him, exhale through his nose.  He was calm but was simply amazed at the copious amount of mucus that was pouring out of his mouth and nose.  I got him comfortable and after chatting for a bit, he decided to hang out by the buoy near the marina.  I swam to the next buoy then back.  When I got back to him, he was all smiles.

Doesn't he look great!

 I told him to hold his breath and dive down.  He tried it and laughed as he popped back up like a cork.
We headed back in and then drove home.
I was hoping to do at least 2-3 miles today but only got around 1/3 of a mile.  It's okay, I had a great time with him and it brings me tremendous joy taking new people out to the GSL.  He admitted that despite the discomfort, he loved it.   He complained that his eyes were watering, his nose won't stop running, his mouth feels funny, could not get in ANY kind of rhythm to swim with, and he had a few rub marks on his body where he did not grease. He then said he can't wait to come back and swim there again!  Yeah Tyler!!!
It was a fun experience overall.  Glad I was able to introduce our beautiful lake to another person who can appreciate her.

1/3 mile OW

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