Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Blah day today.
The good news is that my ear did not hurt so I was able to swim again today.
I went to the pool and met Becky the Masters coach.  I already had a workout with me.
5 x 200 - swim, swim- drill-kick-swim
5 x 200 - pull
5 x 200 - negative split by 100
5 x 200 - pull breathing by length, 3,5,3,7
5 x 200 - The first 4 had a 50 hard starting with 1st length.  2nd set was 2nd length, etc  Last 200 was CD

I could not get going today.  Becky was lapping me easily and this is in a LCM pool.  I would push it some only to save 3 seconds!  No energy.

5000 LCM

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