Friday, June 9, 2017


Josh contacted me yesterday and said he was interested in going to the GSL this morning.  I could not resist and immediately contacted Lisa and posted on FB.  We met around 0600 and I planned to do more than just a casual swim.  It was great seeing Josh there.  We swam a few Saturdays ago but that was a fun swim after our annual Clean Up event.  He has not swam in a year so he wanted to do a mile.  We all headed out of the marina then north following the buoy line.  We all went to the last buoy then headed back.  When we were at the last buoy before the marina, Josh headed in.
Lisa, Josh, and me right before he headed home.

I had already told Lisa I wanted to do at least 3 today.  Apparently she has never done the Gridley lap and didn't even see Blackrock from the marina.  She said she would "follow me" which is like the rabbit saying he would follow the turtle during their race.  We swam to where we could stand and I realized I would not make it back to my house at the time my wife desired.  I called her then I hurried back.  I picked up a good pace heading back.  I pushed myself to where I was knew I was working myself hard but not to the redline of my ability.  I was able to hold this steady faster pace for about 1000 strokes.  Felt good to push it like that and my energy stayed.
I got to the last buoy before the marina entrance and expected Lisa to be there.  Nope, she was long in the marina.  I headed in and as I was walking up the ramp, she was walking down fully dressed!  Man she is fast.
We figured we did over 3 miles today but since my freaking GPS watch never turned the distance on, I'll just say I did 3.  Overall it was a great swim.  I have to take a few classes over the next 2 weeks so I'll be in the pool M-Th and Fridays I plan on going to Jordanelle.  Lisa said she can't wait to join me.  I have a feeling I will be doing a lot of swimming with her...well, behind her...WAY behind her all summer.

3 miles OW

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