Monday, March 20, 2017

20Mar17-Sissy Swim

Well, it's been awhile!
I have been swimming in the pool most days and try to do around 18,000-20,000 yards per week and pick it up each month.
I was notified last night that the GSL was above 60.  I called Dave the Harbormaster and he said the water is risen high enough to swim from the boat ramp.  I made a post on Facebook and met Lisa and Sam at 1700.  I arrived early and did a temp reading.  From the boat ramp, it was 65.
We soon all got greased up and went in.  We all admitted that the warm pool water over the past few months has made us all soft.  Sam didn't want to wait and got going soon after getting in.  I followed soon after then Lisa.  The water felt a bit chilly but I was adjusting well.  I soon was putting my face in and by the time I reached the marina entrance, I was completely warm.  We met at the first buoy and I did a temp reading.  63.5  We followed the buoy line and I did another reading 2 buoys down, 63.1.  We swam a few more and at our turn around point it was 63 flat.  The water was calm and felt amazing.  There was almost no difference between the top of the water and where your hand ends up during your stroke.  I felt so good and calm being out there.  All three of us grouped up at each buoy and we were all smiles.
Buoy Selfie!
We soon headed back and the wind gave us a fantastic push.  We made it back in no time.  I got out feeling better than I have in awhile as far as swimming goes.  I just feel so at ease when I am in the open water.  I think I might have been a fish in my past life.

As we were drying off, an older gentleman rode by me on his bike.  He saw my Swim Buddy and asked if I had been surfing.  I stifled a laugh and said no, I just drag it behind me when I swim.  He then asked if the three of us swam to Antelope.  "That's 7 miles away.  We just swam along the shore line to stay close to marina since this is our first swim out here this year".  He seemed genuinely upset with us.  "Just out here???  That's a SISSY SWIM!"  I bit my tongue and as he rode away, the three of us had a good laugh.
We are going to keep trying to swim each Monday at 1700.  We are going to dub it our weekly "Sunset Sissy Swim"!
One admission is that I did spend a lot of time during my swim thinking of Gordon, Josh, and Chad.  I really wish they could have been out there with us.  This was exactly the kind of conditions we would have done an easy 4 miles in a few years ago like it was nothing.  I hope they can all join us soon.

All in all it was a great swim and I'm glad I got to share it.

1.33 Miles OW

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