Friday, June 17, 2016

17Jun16 - BACK?

Well I've been SLOWLY getting back into swimming.  The break I took last year really got me into the habit of taking it easy in the mornings and sleeping in.  Once January rolled around, I started going to the pool but only 2-3 times a week with no real enthusiasm.
A few things have happened that have caused my motivation to falter a bit:
1 - Laziness
2 - Most others in our S.L.O.W. group are not swimming as much
3 - Laziness
4 - Gords quit swimming until further notice and that is a bummer
5 - Laziness
6 - No real goal this year and nothing I have had to make a financial commitment to in order to force my ass to the water.
7 - Laziness
8 - End of school year was busy and immediately after school was out, I went on a cruise.  Now I'm taking Health endorsement classes for a few weeks.

I did go on a cruise last week and did swim 1 mile in Honduras so I can check that country off for my "1-Mile per country" self challenge.  Beautiful swim and had a great time.

Representing SLOW with my suit.

I have been going to the pool here and there for a few months but effort and drive are just not there.
The water is warming up and I decided to start trying OW again.  I had gone to GSL a few times earlier last month to help out my Master's coach Rebecca as she prepared for the GSL 10k.
I checked online and Jordanelle was reporting 65 degree water.  No problem.  I woke up early and headed down to the lake before the sun rose.  Just like old times.
I got my Swimmer Buddy ready and walked into the water....This is NOT 65 degrees.  I stood there with water at my waist for 10 minutes debating whether to swim or not.  I felt like such a wimp and coward.  I was shivering, anxious, and generally unhappy to be there.  I forced myself in and started going.  I got the usual searing pain between my eyes I usually get when the water is below 50.  I swam to the first buoy and took out my thermometer.  I was expecting something really bad...nope, only 57!  I was actually cold and complaining for 57 degree water.  Then I flat out got upset with myself.  How soft have I become where 57 degree water shakes me this bad?  ( I was still shivering at the first buoy...again, pathetic)
I forced myself to swim some to at least warm up.  I swam a few more buoys then turned back.  My biggest goals up getting up, getting to the lake early and at least getting in were met.
I ended up only doing .7 miles but the mental hurdle was the biggest accomplishment for today.
All the way home I kept thinking:
1 - It used to take the water to be at LEAST 55 before I would even shiver at all!
2 - Last year I would not break stride from my car to the lake, to full swimming.  It was one continuous motion.  Today I stood there for at least 10 minutes talking myself into it and convincing myself that I will be okay.
3 - I used to come here and do a minimum of a few miles per day.  Before Tahoe, I did 10 and wanted more...MUCH more but forced myself out.  Now I was done at .7.
4 - Man...I have gotten SOFT!

The good news is that when I got out, I got that rush of accomplishment you get when finishing a workout.  Silly but I had forgotten that feeling.  Knowing that feeling is coming is the only thing that has kept me swimming some days.  I also did get a spark to keep going.  I do have class again next week but I might go out a few times anyway.  I at least know I won't die!

Nice and easy

.7 miles OW


  1. Glad you are back. I've been missing your posts.

  2. Thanks Zane...for the life of me, I can't remember how you know me.