Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Met with Lisa Gentile this morning at 0700.  One of her coworkers joined us but forgot his name.  I am getting sick and was tired so I already knew I was not going to be doing so well.  We did just a simple loop going east to the end of the buoys then back to make the small T.  Some of the buoys have been moved so the distance just going east and back no longer equals one mile.  Doing the route we did ended up being 1 mile.
I used my new GPS watch and tried it out.  The nice thing about it is that I did not notice it after 2 minutes.  The part I do NOT like is that until you get to 10,000 yards, it measures everything in yards, then after 10k, will convert to miles.  It's OW, why would I care about yards?  Now I have to convert every time I swim!  An update is coming out I was told by Chad but it just seems silly.

1851 yards = 1 mile OW

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