Friday, June 24, 2016


I was gifted a GPS watch that is waterproof last Xmas and decided to try it out.  Apparently it has an pool mode and OW mode.  My daughter is taking a diving class at the nearby pool and as she was in class, I decided to try the watch out.
I really liked the watch and after 2 laps, I did not notice it anymore on my wrist.  It keeps a good measurement as long as you KEEP MOVING.  I noticed a few times during breaks that it would go up by 25 yards even though I was on the starting wall.  The watch ended up showing 50 yards more than I really swam.  Not a big deal but it does help to keep you limited in your rests.

I just did a lot of 50's starting at the watch underwater and the most I did was a 500

1500 SCY

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