Monday, November 4, 2013

1Nov13 - 2013-14 WFPBC

Went to the GSL after work today.  The four founders of the WFPBC all met today.  Josh, Gords, Jim, and myself went for a swim.  It was GREAT to be back in the lake.  It was really sad to see how low the water was but I was soon cheered up when I got in.  Water temp was 54 and I adjusted so fast that I was surprised.  My hands were a bit cold but soon were fine after 10 minutes.  Gords went for a few laps in the marina while the rest of us just waded around and chatted.  We all went to the end of the marina where we got a free show of a boat getting stuck trying to leave the marina.  The guy directing the boat clearly didn't know where he was going and nearly ran them into the rocks.  He fixed it at the LAST second only to bottom out and get stuck at the opening.  We all had a good laugh.
Was in around 30 minutes today.  I barely started to get a bit cold at the end because I was standing around for awhile.  When I was moving I was fine.

250 yards OW

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