Tuesday, November 19, 2013

19Nov13 - Sharing the WFPBC love around the world!

Arrived early today.  As I was walking to the boat ramp to get a temp reading, there were two Asian people watching me.  They were married and asked if I was going for a swim.  We ended up chatting for a few minutes.  They were on a 30 day vacation from China and are going to drive across the U.S.  They wanted to see the GSL because they saw pictures of it in a book they have at home.

Spreading some SLOW love around the world!!!
 I talked about our group, the swims we do, our polar bear club, and the GSL race we do each summer.  I then gave them a Got Salt? fridge magnet.  I have a goal now to get a Got Salt magnet in at least ONE home on every continent.  2 down and 5 to go....Antarctica will be tough!  They were pretty excited and stuck around to see Gordon and I get in.
Dang we are good lookin'!!!
Did just under 2 laps today.  Water temp was 49 degrees.  I was in for around 17 minutes so I earned my cap again this year!  Gordon did 3 laps and looked good.  I keep thinking as I am swimming in the cold:
1) I could do another ice mile.  I'm fine right now and only my fingers and lip are cold.
2) SCREW THAT....don't you remember how recovery was?  Are you an idiot?  You have nothing to prove........NOTHING TO PROVE.....
3) Nah, it wasn't so bad........
4) Repeat 1-3 every 5 seconds

.3 miles OW

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