Monday, November 11, 2013


I was unable to make the GSL yesterday and so I was eager to make it today.  Gordon was busy with his swim meet tomorrow.  Josh had work to finish and Jim was at Deer Creek.  Fortunately, Jim called and was interested in meeting me anyway.
We met up at 1630 and I was already at the boat ramp ready to get in.  Jim never hesitates and always is the first one in.  Today was no exception.  We talked for maybe 10 seconds before he was wading in.  I was right next to him and got in.  Water temp was 50.  It felt cold but good.  I noticed something almost immediately, my chest was warm.  I felt like I was wearing a sweater.  Everyone in our group has read reports by people who have done research on this effect.  There is a certain point where your brain knows what you are going to do and starts to send blood to your core before you even get in.  I have officially reached that point.  I was cold for MAYBE 20 seconds then my chest felt great.  My hands and feet did the usual hurting but not unbearable.
Jim and I made our way out of the marina and to the red buoy.  It was a PERFECT day on the lake.  There were even some boats out in the distance.  Made our way back and I put my face in for some real swimming.  My top lip hurt pretty bad but my face and head were okay.  We got out at the same time...right at 30 minutes.
The warm up phase was pretty good today.  I shivered most of the way home but could not stop thinking about how warm my core felt the entire swim.
400 yards OW

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