Monday, November 11, 2013

9Nov13 - SDRC swim meet

Up at 0500 and carpooled with Josh to South Davis Rec Center.  Gordon runs a swim meet each year and it is close and fun.
I decided to try a "pentathlon" style meet today.  I would do all the free events.  Josh was doing the same thing.  The 1650 was first.  I had eaten a doughnut with some chocolate milk for breakfast before heading out.  Normally I'm fine with eating but today my stomach was not moving.
I did 10 laps for a warm-up nice and easy.  Josh was going to count my 1650.  I had NO intention of doing anything remotely fast with my swimming today...especially the mile!
After about 20 laps, my stomach started to turn over every time I did a flip turn.  I felt my stomach getting tighter and slowed my pace down.  I then did a few open turns on the far wall which helped.
I finished feeling okay but it did cross my mind that if I pushed it at ALL or did too many more flip turns then I would get sick in the pool.
I then counted for Josh.  I watched him and Gordon swimming.  Both were great.  Gordon is on some serious adrenaline when he swims.  He went under 20 minutes.  I couldn't do that with fins!
I did the relays with some other team mates.  SLOW was represented today by Gordon, Josh, Stacey, Sue, Todd, and me.  (I hope I didn't forget anyone)
We all had a good time and I think we got someone to cheer for us for each event.  I seriously have such a good time with this team.  We all do our best and truly care how we do.  Not to be competitive with others but just to see each of us do our individual best.  Having a good time and cheering each other on is what we really care about.
I have not swam in a pool since the last swim meet.  I was surprised by some of my times.

1650 - 25:43
50 - 28.23
500 - 7:29
100 - 1:11
200 - 2:41
I also did 50 fly and 50 free for relays.  I will get back into the pool in December and start really busting my butt in January.
Overall, it was a fun day and I'm glad Gordon does this race each year.

All my events plus warm-ups and cool-downs = 3600 SCY

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