Saturday, November 5, 2011


Woke up this morning feeling not so great.  One hazard of being a teacher is you get to contact every germ every kid has!
I was going to swim but decided not to and get some rest.  I don't want my first REAL swim back to be an ugly one.  I was a bit disappointed I couldn't go but I got a GREAT pick me up in the mail today.  My mesh bag from GTD arrived for me achieving 250 miles this year.  This was a surprise and I felt a small sense of personal pride.  Gords introduced me to this a long time ago and I've been pretty adamant about keeping an accurate log.  I never put information on it that isn't correct and every little "milestone" I got I know I earned on my own.
I got my bag today and even though it's by Nike (which I'm boycotting for life) I am still excited to have earned this little swag prize.

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