Friday, November 4, 2011


Back in the water I go...
I took a month off after Slam the Dam for a mental break from swimming.  I'm glad I did it but one of the reason's I took off was my motivation for swimming was waning and I really felt like my "season" was over.  I decided to take all of October off.  I still am lacking some real motivation but I knew if I met with my swim buddies today at BL, it might didn't!  lol
I was glad to be with my swim friends but the wind was blowing and it only made me think that the water will be colder.  I was informed the water was 48.5 degrees!  HOLY HELL...I was getting nervous.  I was only planning on getting in and splashing around a bit but since both were going from the dock, I felt "peer pressure" to join them.  Josh and Gords were the only 2 other swimmers there.  They both had their wives and they walked with us to the starting dock.  We got undressed  and Gords took NO time just diving in.  He took off like a bat out of hell and Josh and I were left standing there looking at each other for a few seconds wondering who is next.  Josh jumped in and I soon followed.  I was surprised that the water did not feel as cold initially as I remember.  Then after about 10 seconds of me swimming it really set in.  This is PAINFUL.  My entire body is screaming at me and I can barely breathe.  I loved it!  My anatomy immediately changed and I started focusing on getting out as soon as I could.
Josh was going so fast and strong he wasn't looking at his direction.  He made a swooping left turn and was heading away from all of us.  I was yelling at him and this only made Gords wife ask if I was the one in trouble.  lol  He corrected himself and I just focused on finishing.  I was able to endure the cold better for some reason and at the VERY end, I was feeling pretty good.  I am not sure if it was adrenaline or my body going numb...or my brain...but I think next week if I feel like that again, I'm might..MIGHT try to stay in longer.  Since I"m the slowest one, I am in the water the longest but maybe I need more time in for myself to help with my temp threshold.
Got out and Gords wife Cathy put a towel around me.  It is nice having a cheering section when you are finishing no matter how few it is.  Makes you feel good.  I was happy I did it even though I was freezing cold and could feel the shakes coming on quickly.

Gordon made a comment before the swim that the drive out of BL is the best drive after a swim.  He's right!
Thanks guys and I'll see you next week.
200 yards today.

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  1. I'm glad you made it out! I was thinking the same thing at the end of the swim, I could have stayed in longer. There are 16 members on the Facebook group, where was everyone? We need to get more people out. Hope to see you next week!