Tuesday, November 22, 2011


And so I'm back in the water.  I WAS going to get up at 0400 and be at the pool at 0430 like a good boy but when the alarm went off, I complained to my wife of a stomach ache (TOTAL LIE) and went right back to sleep!  I had to go to the gym after work to get my swim in.  I was happy and unhappy with this swim.  I was happy to be back but was unhappy with how poor my stroke has become so quickly and how tired I got so fast.  I only did one mile but I was sucking air at the end.  My arms and shoulders were stiff and I even though I know better, I just didn't expect to slip so much.  Idiot me.
I finished one mile and hopped out and when I went to shower, I decided to try to mimic what Gords does and take only a cold shower after my swim.  I started the shower and left it on cold.  Some things came clear to me immediately:
1. This shower was going to be VERY fast.
2. I was cold but did start to get used to it after a minute....which is about when I was finishing.
3. I was making very vocal and hyperventilating breaths that no man should be making while alone and naked in a gym shower.
Well I wanted to get at least a mile in before I start my formal training.  I am meeting with Gords and Josh tomorrow at the GSL and we may be getting filmed.  We also have some discussing to do about maybe training for the IISA.

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