Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Training day #1
Ok I finally got up and went to the pool.  My motivation is still not there but it's improving.  I just want another few months off I guess to be lazy like I have been most winters.
I had written down my workout from my coach Marcia Cleveland and was going to write down my times as I did sets so we could make adjustments as we go along.
As she has requested and I'm going to honor, I'm going to keep my workouts I type up here vague. 
I made it through the warmup of 1000 yards of mixed stuff just fine.  My first set were some 200's.  I had a target time for sets to hit.  When I first looked at it, I thought the time was VERY generous and I thought would be no trouble.
As each set went by, I got slower and slower and SLOWER.  By the time I got to my 5th 200 I was spent...completely spent!  I turned to do one more but my arms shut down on me.  I had hit my limit.  I did a very slow 200 CD then got out.
The good news is that I was at the pool FINALLY and I did 2000 yards for the first time in 2 months.  The bad news is that this 2000 yards kicked my ass completely when it used to take me about 3000 yards before to get completely warmed up!
I emailed her and told her my times and how each set went.  I'm going to have to get to the pool more and swim a LOT more to get back to where even doing 5k seems like a joke.   I miss that ability now and maybe this is the kick in the rear I need.  2k wiped me out....sad day for Goody....sad day!


  1. Glad to hear you are back in the pool! I have had that same type of experience many times after taking time off, but it should come back fairly quickly if you keep at it.

  2. Good job getting back in the pool. It takes a lot more toughness to started again when you're out of shape than it does to keep going when you're doing well.