Thursday, November 24, 2011


Met with Gords, Josh, and Jake today at the GSL around 1615.  Gords was there a bit early with me and I got a nice surprise.  I've had the WFPBC Sweatshirt for a month now but kept forgetting to bring Gords a check for it.  I asked him how much I owed him and he said it was my Birthday present.  He said he wrote an email to me but I never saw it or got it for whatever reason.  I was pretty psyched about it.  In my opinion, this is one of those "club" items of clothing you really have to EARN in order to wear.  I don't think we would give these hoodies out to anyone for just cash.  All of us who wear it, wear it with pride because we've had the frozen skin as part of the payment.  I was also excited today as Josh and Gords met with me because I had put together a 6 page outline of ideas and safety notes on how we might attempt to become part of the IISA.  After chatting for a bit we got all our gear down near the water and started to get mentally prepared.  Patricia was there and took a picture of all of us before we got in.

Gords had his game face on and he got undressed and in the water as fast as he could.  

Gords getting in. GREAT pic!

He was going for 2 laps and on his second lap, I got in up to my chest and ran in place as fast as I could to get my blood going.  

That first minute is pure pain over 100% of your body.  The water temp was around 48 and I really wanted to see what I could do today.  I kept pushing myself to keep going and after about 45 seconds of screaming in my head, I started to slowly swim towards the other end of the marina.  About halfway there I started feeling better so I changed from breaststroke and extremely fast doggie paddle to freestyle.  I got near the end of the marina and turned back.  For some reason, the boat ramp looked REALLY far away.  1 second of panic set in as I realized if I bonk, I'm as good as dead.  I made my way back and tried to put my face in the water some.  It really frustrates me how my face can't handle the cold or adjust like my body can.  When I try to put my face completely in the water, my breath gets extremely short and hyperventilating again and a pain between my eyes comes over as if someone was driving a metal spike into my face.  I am seriously considering getting a snorkel and making myself stick it out while able to breathe/scream until my face numbs up then start my swim.
I got back and felt great.  I was cold but this was by far the farthest I've gone in water that cold and it was a good mental victory for me.  
Josh did 2 laps like Gords and then his brother did a lap.  All of did fantastic and I actually feel a sense of pride to call these cold water bozo's I hang out with my friends!
Next week I'm going for 2 laps and more time in the water as it gets even colder.
It was nice having my family there to watch.  I did ask Patricia what she thought about it when we were driving away.  She just said, "You all are a bunch of idiots"!...Yes, yes we are!

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