Saturday, December 17, 2011


Some friends and people on Facebook organized a Christmas swimfest for people around the GSL area to get together and swim.  I decided to go early because I wanted to get some more yards in and I knew Gords would be there.
I got there and sure enough, there he was.  I got in and warmed up a bit and then after about 400, Gords asked if I wanted to do a set with him.  We did 10x100 on the 2 min.  I was happy that I held 1:27 pace through the first 9 consistently.  The 10th I kept pace with Gords and we hit 1:18.  I was cooked after this.  I rested a bit then swam some more slow laps as people arrived at 0930.  We did some small short sets then some IM sets.  I did 50 fly 3 times which actually surprised me a bit.  We then did some fast and slow kicking drills.  The last thing we did were some relays.  I haven't done relays in awhile and it was really fun for me.  There were 3 men and about 7 women.  We were all having a really good time.
After the swim, there was a water slide I could NOT resist.  They turned it on for us then Josh went first and filmed himself all the way down then we all went down right after each other at a quick interval.  Probably not the safest but it was fun.
We also all got some GREAT new swim caps with candy canes on them.
When all was done I had swam 2950 yards.  Not bad!

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