Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I have found the motivation to swim!  I've been struggling with motivation lately to swim and get my butt in gear.  Yesterday Gordon told me about a swim camp in California and the details sounded AMAZING.  I knew space was limited since there are going to be some serious world class swimmers going.  I got a hold of Jaimie Patrick who runs it and asked if a spot could be saved for me. 
I got a call today from him saying that not only had a spot for me been saved but for my friends Gords and Josh too!  I can not express how excited I was.  Gords posted that he was so excited he was so excited he was shaking!  I am so worked up over being able to swim with some world class swimmers that I felt like THIS.

So now I have real motivation to get my lazy ass to the pool and take my training from Marcia seriously.  I can NOT show up with these people and look like a chump around them.  I'm not going to embarrass myseself or the Utah swimmers I "roll with" like that.
Granted, I do have surgery next week and that will keep me out of the water until the stitches are removed but after that I'm going at it hardcore again.

I did get 1000 in today...not much but I wanted to get a feel of enjoying my swim more than worrying about cranking out yards...that will come soon enough!

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