Monday, September 22, 2014


Don't worry folks, I'm still alive.
I used to be able to update this daily at work.  They have a new security and internet blocker at work so for some reason, "blogger" sites are blocked.  I'm still swimming but the only time I can write is at school and by then I usually forget to do so.

I'm still swimming.
Mon, Wed, and Thu I have class so I do around 200-2500 yards
Tue and Fri I do around 5000-ish

I am no longer worried about distance.  I'm doing some speed work and staying ahead of my goal pace to hit 500 miles for the year.

Right now my workouts aren't worth writing down.

I do around 500-1000 WU
Some snorkel
Some pull
speed work.  I like to do 100's on the 1:30 and 50's on the :45.  I'm slowly getting faster but I really want to get near 6:30 for the 500.

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