Saturday, January 26, 2013

26Jan13 - Polar Plunge

Went to the North Davis Prep Academy Polar Plunge this morning.  Gordon was the only one that was able to make it out this year with me.  Despite our small number, we represented our club well.  Both of us wore our WFPBC hoodies and our red caps. 
We had some time to kill so we chatted a bit before it was time to get in.  It was nice to just relax with my swim buddy again.
Gords and me with the NDPA mascot

It was finally time to get in.  The school had a TON of their kids there and even cheerleaders!  They did a short cheer on the ice next to the hole that had been cut out.  The ice was thick but I'll be honest, I was secretly hoping it would break and a few cheerleaders would fall in.  That would have been hysterical!
We were getting ready to get in when some random guy dressed as a fur trapper wanted to take our pic.  After some posing we got ready.  Gords and I jumped in and the first thing I noticed wasn't the cold water, it was a "Bountiful lake smell".  Pretty nasty actually.  We waded across the water and got out.  The whole thing lasted less than 10 seconds but during those 10 seconds I felt pure joy.  It was so much fun doing that.  I wasn't really cold and once again loved sharing a cold water dip with my friend.  He was all smiles too. 
We were there for over an hour to jump in for 10 seconds.  Worth it! 

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